Management and structure

The means of managing the cluster and its structure is defined by a partnership agreement, signed by the members of the cluster.  

The principles of cooperation between the members:

  • they promote fair, cooperative and professional methods of running gainful and non-profit business activity,
  • they have equal rights and obligations within the scope of project realization,
  • membership in the cluster does not infringe the freedom of business activity,
  • they cooperate with one another, they care about their joint interest, and at the same reciprocally respect their individual interest,
  • they are obliged to observe the principles of fair competition, especilly by the means of acting according to the law and good practice,
  • their way of running their business activity makes the other party trust them as result of clear intent, fairness, professionalism and abiding the conditions of their obligations,
  • they work in a clear manner, precisely defining their intentions and pursued objectives, in particular they do not conceal information, which is crucial to secure just interests of other entities. This principle is applicable within the scope in which disclosing certain information does not breach the secret of a company or other information subject to law protection, the disclosure of which could threaten a member, its employee, co-worker, contracting party or third party, in the scope in which it would infringe the provisions of the law.

The Council of Hub Club:

  1. Joanna Sochacka – Chairwoman
  2. Arkadiusz Rusin – Vice Chairman
  3. Dariusz Laska
  4. Andrzej Szandała
  5. Ksawery Kaliski
  6. Maciej Stanusch
  7. Rafał Sapota