Business Breakfast with the US Consul and Microsoft representatives.

16 April 2014

The recent edition of the HubClub ICT and Multimedia Cluster Business Breakfast, held in the building of the Ruda Śląska Business Incubator, has been inspired by speeches delivered by Mr. Andrew Caruso, US Consul for Political and Economic Affairs, as well as Mr. Tomasz Kopacz from Microsoft. The guests were welcomed by the President of Ruda Śląska Mrs. Grażyna Dziedzic, towards whom the Cluster extended gratefulness for creating favorable conditions for the development of such a valuable and innovative initiative. The distinction was also awarded to one of the Clusterpreneurs - Silesia Games Sp. z o. o., a company, which during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was awarded the first prize in the Game App category. It shows the amazing potential of the Silesian companies.

The Cluster functions actively both on the regional and international plane. It arouses more and more substantial interest among Polish companies. The Easter Business Breakfast of the Cluster in Ruda Śląska was attended by companies from Gdańsk, Warsaw, Łódz and Cracow.

Marcin Warzocha, the Ambassador of the Cluster, familiarized the participants with the cooperation and business space exchange program, as well as sales support program, both of which will be soon available for the Clusterpreneurs. He also gave an account of the CeBIT 2014 and IT Goteborg trade fairs, where, as a part of the national stand, the Silesian ICT and Multimedia Cluster had a chance to present its offer.

Currently, we are working on our participation in the IT Japan Week (May 14-16, 2014) and we have a special offer for our members in the form of a subsidy to three plane tickets - the Chairman of Ruda Śląska Business Incubator Mrs. Joanna Sochacka said. Additionally, we are just about to launch the preparation process of a business brunch event, which owing to the cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice, will be held during the IV European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (September 22-24) in Katowice.

The meetings organized by the Hub Club offer not only the possibility of creating a network of business relations, but also constitute a superb opportunity to meet interesting people. During the recent Easter edition of the breakfast the Clusterpreneurs had a chance to meet Andrew Caruso, US Consul for Political and Economic Affairs, who delivered a speech on the role of the US Government in the innovation development in Poland. Another guest was Microsoft Architect Mr. Tomasz Kopacz, who addressed the topic: "How Do We Develop Applications in Times in Which a Rattle Has a Microprocessor". - I would like to say something about the direction towards which the World is heading, where we should look for inspiration and what new products we can design - Kopacz said. - I suppose that at the moment the majority of us have three processors at hand that are completely unconnected: a cell phone, a tablet or some notebook.  The question is whether we should do something about this, is it not high time we came up with something new - he asked.

The Cluster aggregates over 30 Silesian micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, two business environment institutions and two Silesian institutions of higher education - the University of Silesia and the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The name of the Cluster corresponds to its mission. Hub, so a multi-port USB, is a device enabling independent use of a great many devices simultaneously. By providing information transfer and common platform, it allows for acceleration or facilitation of processes. Similarly, the Cluster provides workspace and space for agreement between the actors, as well as entrepreneurs from the branch of industry all over the world.  Therefore, by the means of fostering business contacts establishment, the Silesian Multimedia Cluster becomes a cooperation platform resembling a hub. The word club defines elite character of the institution, membership in which is a synonym of innovativeness and entrepreneurship of a given company.  Therefore, the mission of the Cluster is embedded in a fresh approach to business, based on constructive competition and fostering innovations.

It worth adding that the Cluster from Rudy Śląska was the first Polish cluster to have appeared on the international map of a network of clusters, as a part of the Business Roaming Agreement. Owing to it the Clusterpreneurs have the possibility to establish cooperation with companies concentrated in ICT clusters in 67 places in Europe, Americas, Asia, as well as Australia and Oceania.