Cluster-to-Cluster Conference in Copenhagen!

17 September 2015

Today the representatives of our Cluster are taking part in an international conference in Copenhagen.

They will meet in a group of 300 guests, from 30 countries, who will focus on the cooperation possibilities regarding the implementation of innovative solutions.

- The conference is a unique opportunity to establish cooperation. It is dedicated to the development of innovativeness, internationalization of companies, effective cooperation of clusters, cooperation with business angles and venture capital funds – Joanna Sochacka, the Chairman of the Silesian Business Incubator, says.

- We were also invited to breakfast in the Polish Embassy in Copenhagen, with a view to discussing the international activities undertaken by the Cluster, as well as the current and prospective Danish and Scandinavian partners – she adds.

The 3rd Cluster to Cluster Conference and Matchmaking “Innovation by Combination” will be held in Copenhagen on September 17 – 18. The organizers aim at making it possible for clusters to establish cooperation, in harmony with the idea included in the slogan, which suggests that innovations are possible owing to connecting forces above clusters, borders and business branches.

The primary part of the conference will consist in meetings between pairs of clusters, which will take 20 minutes and the idea of which is to recognize the cooperation possibilities. Discussion, which will broaden one’s knowledge regarding international clusters, their strategies and fields of activity, as well as the possible sources of financing their activity, will not be scarce – Inspirations will be in abundance – Joanna Sochacka says.