COOLOMAT Polish innovation for Europe!

3 December 2015

You are swamped with work, you do not have time, you do not feel like going shopping every single day, your day keeps shrinking? COOLOMAT Sp. z o.o., a company from Silesia, solved this ever growing problem. Owing to the passion and determination of the chairman of the company, Mr. Marcin Warzocha, since November 26th you can do shopping online and collect it form a coolomat device. The dream of every man or woman coming back from work came true.

Coolomat constitutes a revolution on the market of food products. It is a fridge-like terminal to store purchased food. After filing an online order, the shopping will be ready for pick-up in a coolomat device within 4 hours. The devices comprise of three modules: cooler, freezer, with a maximum freezing temperature of -20oC and an ambient temperature locker. The devices are monitored 24/7 by the means of CCTV, which guarantees the safety of usage.

The first coolomat devices in Europe were launched in Warsaw, in conjunction with the ALMA chain store. The devices are located within the premises of 5 Statoil filling stations, however, it is only the beginning. COOLOMAT Sp. z o.o. is planning to develop its network in the biggest Polish cities and abroad.

– The way a coolomat device works is very simple, the only thing you need to do is to select a delivery to the coolomat machine while shopping online, then choose the particular location and time brackets. The courier will deliver the shopping the same day and the customer will get a text message with a code, which will enable fast and convenient pick-up of the order – Marcin Warzocha, the Chairman of COOLOMAT, explains.

The company was established in May 2014 and has its headquarters in the Silesian Business Incubator. It is also a member of the Silesian Multimedia Cluster HUB CLUB and it builds economically strong brand of the region on the global market of innovative services.

- I would like to congratulate Mr. Warzocha, the Chairman of Coolomat, on his success. I am convinced that this solution will gain recognition on the market. What I like the most about coolomat devices is their simplicity and pragmatism. This idea is an innovation on the market and a great victory for the customers. What do the win? Time! Time for themselves, for their family and friends. They do not have to go to a shop after work and waste a lot of time there. Instead they can pick up their online shopping order in a convenient way in a cooloment device, which adds only several minutes to the total time spent on commuting from work. It is a solution tailored to the needs of the contemporary world, which rushes headlong, depriving people of the priceless value which is their time – Joanna Sochacka, the Chairman of the Silesian Business Incubator and the President of the Council at the Silesian Multimedia Cluster HUB CLUB, says.