Hub Club Cluster on Intel Extreme Masters

7 March 2014

After Singapore, New York, Cologne and Sao Paolo, this time the City of Katowice will host the three-day long multimedia holiday - the Intel Extreme Masters finals. The previous year edition of IEM in Sport and Show Arena "Spodek" in Katowice attracted approximately  50 thousand electronic sports fans as well as almost 5 million viewers from over 170 countries online! Such results are beyond reach of any competitive e-sport event in Europe. After the success of the first Polish edition, the organizers decided to move the finals, for the first time in seven editions, from Hannover (CeBIT) to Katowice.

Computer Games are no longer solely entertainment - prizes in the Intel Extreme Masters amount to 250 thousand USD! 

As HubClub - the Silesian Multimedia Cluster we not only want to, but we feel obliged to actively participate in the event. So, see you all in Spodek! For those who cannot come we promise a short report. You can find more about the event on: