Smart City Challenge – final

17 June 2015

A management platform for door locks, an intelligent parking system or an intelligent bicycle storage – these are only some of the solutions presented today by over a dozen teams that came to Ruda Śląska from all over the country. The award in this competition was PLN 100 000 for the project launch.

The Smart City Challenge is a special edition of a nationwide competition Startup Roadshow, which is dedicated to innovation ideas within the scope of Smart Cities. Among the organizers of the Smart City Challenge were: the Business Incubator together with the Silesian ICT & Multimedia Cluster HUB CLUB, BT Skyrise Sp. z o.o., Black Pearls – a capital fund, and Microsoft.

If cities want to be more competitive, functional and friendly for their citizens, they have to continuously develop  – Jarosław Pilarczyk, Chairman of BT Skyrise Sp. z o. o., explains. It demands a huge work in different areas: security, transport, communication, education, service of citizens, etc. In the West it is on the go. Smart Cities development should be supported by new technologies, local governments and the very citizens – he explains.

The victorious project was prepared by a team, the members of which studied together in the past and not a long time ago worked in different business branches in different places in Poland. They decided to join forces and create an innovation project, which consists in an intelligent management of door locks. – It is a solution that can be adopted in cities and concerns both large companies and institutions, as well as developers. Each year in Poland the cost of reception service is approximately PLN 9 000 000. Our project will allow us to save a substantial part of this money – Piotr Dybiec, one of the authors of the victorious project, explains.

In short, the idea of the smart door locks consists in a management platform activity, owing to which people who want to use the room or apartment are verified by phone. Instead of a key, the door will by the means of a special code, which the user will get via sms. Hence, the service costs will be curbed. Moreover, this solutions will be capable of verifying different cleaning technical companies, which care about the rooms.

The winners will get PLN 100 000. This award will be transferred in a form of an investment, by setting up a new company by the organizer and the originator and obtaining 10% of its share capital in return. The project was the most advanced and bears the biggest chance of success – Agata Kukwa, representative of Black Pearls, explains

9 teams participated in the Smart City Challenge, whereas in the qualification stage more than 20. The Competition is a part of a larger project Startup Roadshow,  which is currently taking place in several Polish cities. The host of this final was the Business Incubator.

The idea of Smart Cities is of paramount importance. According to data, which was presented by the organizers, 55 % of people live in towns, 21% of the big cities in the world have more than 10 million residents, 60% of the world GDP is created by the 600 biggest cities in the world.